Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Terminated: Inquisition Army Lot

24 Feb 2015
This has all been sold. The buyer(s) were happy with the lots and I wish them all the best. Perhaps one day I will give the Inquisition another go, but time is not infinite and my Red Scorpions need my love. So long Inquisition, it's been fun!

Some highlights include a magnetized/hinged Chimera primed silver, custom Inquisitors and lots of beautiful Inquisitorial henchmen models.

14 Dec 2013
The ability to take Inquisitorial warbands with my GKs was one of the reasons I originally chose them. It's not hard to see how the endless customization possibilities becomes such a fluff catch-all. I don't play or frequent any regular games where having only Games Workshop models in your army is a must. So I freely (and often) exercise the right to build my army with whatever the hell I see fit. This post is the perfect example.

Now everyone can fulfill their own inquisitorial fantasies with the new codex release. I'm totally cool with spreading the love. It can only lead to some crazy warband concepts.

If you don't recognize some of these models read the captions for sourcing. The next addition to this post will be some sweet Reaper Chronoscope soldiers I picked up. The models are perfect stand ins for the Adeptus Arbites It is an organization shamefully underrepresented in the model department for such vast background text.  

DC Assassins & Sanctioned Psykers
Necromunda Escher gang to be used as acolytes or death cults

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