Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Conversion: Grey Knights Dreadknights

09 May 2014

Salvage: Red Scorpions Land Speeder Squadron

06 Nov 2014

Photo Tutorial: Scratch building hostile forest terrain (Complete!)

Went on a bit of a boxing day spree at Michaels and decided to push up my plans for my first scratch-built terrain piece: a hostile forest. Hobbyists know that passion and energy drive any project. I've done enough grinds to know that you should never ignore an impulse when it pops up. So taking this advice I embarked on a mysterious journey using a bunch of new materials and improvised techniques.

The project and this tutorial log are now complete! Took a long time since I was not on a schedule, but was really fun overall.

Conversion: Land Raider 8-in-1

02 Mar 2014

Budget Build/Salvage: Red Scorpions Land Speeder Storm and Scouts

06 Nov 2014

Build: Grey Knights Stormraven Gunship

04 Mar 2014

Salvage/Conversion: Grey Knights Dreadnoughts

11 Nov 2014
Three dreadnoughts I put together this year either through salvage or conversion. I put some extra love into the bases and gave the two Forge World dreads some magnetized hood ornaments to make them venerable. The TL auto-cannons were bought either direct from FW or through local trades. They are all magnetized for my swapping pleasure. Pretty simple project, but should be a fun one to paint.

Conversion/In Progress: Emil Darkhammer & the Inquisition

11 Nov 2014
Small update on Emil Darkhammer primed and paint ready. I'm in the process of listing my warbands and a few Inquisitors so I've deleted most of the related posts. This and the sales post will be the only things up for a while until I figure out the next steps for that army.

Salvage: Red Scorpions Tank Squadron

Nov 11 2014
This is a refurbished Space Marine Razorback I bought last winter. I thought it was a Predator but the Instagram crowd soon corrected me. Shows what a young blood I still am sometimes. Anyway, I'll be moving this with the Predator below in my Red Scorpions army. Will even count it as a Predator from time to time.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Terrain: Imperial Strongpoint

01 Nov 2014
Picked up this new on sprue boxset at a great price. It's a nice addition to my heavily WIP home table, which until now contained only ruins and buildings. Only a few things of note to mention. I went with a two tone primer scheme due to some rationing. I also decided to not fully glue all the floors and keep it modular because life.