Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Budget Build/Salvage: Red Scorpions Land Speeder Storm and Scouts

06 Nov 2014

15 Feb 2014
I was able to get to the cork bases for the poor LSS scouts this past week. It was my first time messing with cork and I'm pretty happy with the results. The end paint scheme will be desert like my current Red Scorpions but also with whitewashed ruins. Should be cool.

14 Dec 2013
A long time plan is finally well underway. I am putting my money where my mouth is and making my cash-saver Land Speeder Storm rig. The plan has always been to magnetize the on-board scouts to use them both on the vehicle and on the battlefield as a unit. The custom cork bases will come towards the end of this project.

LSS Scouts to be fitted on cork bases, a unit of Scout snipers

06 Dec 2013
These models have not been primed since they were salvaged and simple greened. Never prime then magnetize if you can help it.

So here's the result of some brief planning and anxious drilling. Not the most careful drilling work I've had to do, but the most awkward by far as the LSS was already assembled. Ran into a few mishaps along the way, but nothing some emergency patching couldn't handle.

mid-way through the 3.5h job you can see my scientific "red pen" aligning method

Look ma', no glue!

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