Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Salvage: Red Scorpions Tank Squadron

Nov 11 2014
This is a refurbished Space Marine Razorback I bought last winter. I thought it was a Predator but the Instagram crowd soon corrected me. Shows what a young blood I still am sometimes. Anyway, I'll be moving this with the Predator below in my Red Scorpions army. Will even count it as a Predator from time to time.

Nov 26 2013
This Space Marine Predator came to me with a Space Wolves lot. It had a few assembly problems and there was a lot of superglue spillover. I used my Dremel Stylus hand drill to sand the worst parts as well as the brown stuff patching. The rough patches that are left will be painted with new corroded metal Citadel effects paint over the tank scheme. The Ryza Rust effects pot will be used on the tracks.

The turrent hinge took some creative trial and error. The chassis crossbeam was easy enough, but I had to brown stuff around the magnet for support. I know it looks odd, but it works! I may weave electrical wires around the beam to distract from it.

For the turret magnet, I stumbled into a handy solution. Popped off the superglue container's inner cap lining, trimmed it and superglued a magnet in the middle. You want to make sure the cap liner is between this magnet and the tank. I then bent the lining disc slightly and squeezed it into the turrent opening. It's wider than any of the holes so it floats inside.

This setup works perfectly to keep the turret in place and allows it to rotate. And the bonus of the floating cap is that I don't need to worry about the chassis magnet height or alignment.
This is a shot of its current state:

Week of 26 Nov 2013
Phase 1 involved disassemblly and magnetizing:
  • simple green bath for two days
  • broke off parts intended for movement
  • patched up damage with brown stuff
  • magnetized everything
  • primed in Army Painter Plate Mail 

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