Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Conversion/In Progress: Emil Darkhammer & the Inquisition

11 Nov 2014
Small update on Emil Darkhammer primed and paint ready. I'm in the process of listing my warbands and a few Inquisitors so I've deleted most of the related posts. This and the sales post will be the only things up for a while until I figure out the next steps for that army.

14 Dec 2013
The ongoing effort to efficiently organize lots of WIP photos has led me to tack on a few Malleus Inquisitors to Darkhammer's WIP post. I'm trying to avoid one post per named character and all that.

These are some bad, bad Ordo Malleus bosses right here. The lighting was a bit dark, but they're mostly stock so you aren't missing anything.

resin Coteaz, misc. termie armour (Lysander), misc. daemonblade (Cypher), Darkhammer conversion 

09 Dec 2013
I primed the eagle arm and the back deco in Army Painter Black. I've also decided that I need to do more putty work to bring the model closer to the artwork. The new plan is to shave down the left leg guard and create the skull and scroll detailing you see below. Also, I want to do an elaborate custom left shouldpad possibly using the FW Emperor's Children terminator shoulders. As for the belt, I may attach a Black Templar sheated sword to a hanging belt which will be loaded with random artifacts to approximate the craziness below. This will definitely be magnetized on for hassle-free painting.

Pics to come when there are changes worth showing.

30 Nov 2013
In one of those magical hobby moments of unintentional harmony, the chopping of Moloc and his leftover legs gave purpose to my unspecified inquisitor body. This put me onto the fearsome Emil Darkhammer, one of the few inquisitors with official concept art.

The harmony part came in when I found an Inquisitorial "I" back ornament (GK terminators), a psyber eagle (pewter Coteaz) and a scoped (storm) bolter (Deathwing knights). The back decoration and arms are magnetized. The right arm uses a larger dreadnought-sized magnet to support the pewter eagle. It was a bit touch-and-go with the drilling, but it works perfectly.

I still need to add a few bits and file down the cape so it ramps into the armor, but the meat is there and I'm really happy with the similarities.

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