Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Salvage: Red Scorpions Land Speeder Squadron

06 Nov 2014

14 Dec 2013
Really not much to say here. Immortal Reaper salvaged a land speeder during his army build just to do it. Strangely enough, three speeders have come into my possession over various buys/trades, some in really bad shape. I thought it'd be great to keep this thing going.

Now I'm set to have 4 speeders and a storm! I've also magnetized all the options on every one including Reaper's. I truly cannot wait to field this army. Oh yeah, since two of these models are really busted I will be using them as testers to ease myself into mimicking Imm's paint scheme. Wish me luck.

#1 from 3rd edition boxset

#2 joined the fight for $5

#3 also $5 hehehe

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