Sunday, January 5, 2014

Terrain: Imperial City

05 Jan 2014
Big milestone complete and a timely wrap up on a very productive hobby holiday break. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking since "I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep". I plan on detailing and weathering the buildings, but not for a while. Hard part's done.

I started with the corners and built around central elements like double doors or blast holes in the walls. Use plastic glue (not superglue) for the initial assembly. It dries slower and allows you to connect and adjust multiple pieces at once.

I recommend this process:
  1. Build one level with the ceiling/upper floor tiles in place to straighten the walls (plastic glue).
  2. Repeat with another building while this one dries.
  3. When you return to first building, drip superglue in the joints and seams and let dry (superglue).
  4. After it dries build the next level.

manual tip: start with the corners...check

Take care of structural elements first like walls, corners, floors and load bearers (ladders, beams, etc.). Come back later and decorate.

went full out two-level door action, threw off the rest of the floors

I spray primed the buildings with The Army Painter cans in two tones each. The process was simple. Put building on its side and prime the bottom of the walls with the inside colour. Let dry. Spray the inside colour thoroughly. Don't worry about spillover. Let dry. 

Mask the painted side with masking tape or painter's tape. You don't have to get everything just where the spray may come through. Be more surgical with the outer building paint. I used a cardboard piece as a paint blocker on some awkward areas. If some spills over don't worry you can touch it up later.

30 Dec 2013
The table is set. The 30 sprues have been clipped. A menacing amount of building bits await me. Serenity now! The finished, unprimed work will be posted here, but Instagram will have all the gory on-the-hour updates for better or worse.

26 Nov 2013
I picked up a NIB Imperial City in late 2012 and it sat in my closet mocking my lack of resolve. And just to clarify, yes I did say Imperial City not Sector. That's two times the trouble people! Anyway I got brave on this recent hobby blitz and got to it. Will start building very soon.

over 30 heavy duty sprues awaiting the clippers

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