Thursday, January 2, 2014

Now live on Instagram!

Credit where credit is due. My friend Erica (who beyond being a well of good ideas, will one day take over the marketing industry) suggested I head on over to Instagram and make myself an account.

Now I am by no means a luddite, but truth be told I tend to avoid the modern "conveniences" of social networking. I cancelled my Facebook account a while back, I didn't really understand Instagram until recently and Twitter just plain scares me.

And yet, Studio Hobby Thumbs now has a second couch to crash on: The things I do for my readers...

In all seriousness this is a big step in the life of the blog. If you've read more than one post here you know I have big ambitions for this project. Instagram will allow you to follow the smaller project steps, which are often as important as the milestones. These shots will be substantially less formal than the posts and this simply means more access for you. The blog will not change. Here you will find the same output and depth of articles, WIPs and tutorials. But now you get a backstage pass too and some additional quick tips.

Follow up and tell your friends. This content will only get bigger and hopefully I can add new contributors as things develop. As always, keep your hobby thumbs clean! 

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