Saturday, December 28, 2013

Technique Tutorial: Fixing bent plastic miniatures

Sometimes you'll unbox a model or a bit only to find it has bent in the packaging or in storage. Fear not! Like with most hobby things it can be fixed. After all it's only plastic and we are apex predators. Here's the quick and dirty on fixing it.

dip it, dip it good

(#) I do not recommend this method for resin since it is more brittle than plastic, but it has worked for me on Finecast resin before.

[!] You will be using hot water and handling hot models with this technique. Don't burn yourself buddy.

What is the technique?
Take a model and dip hot, adjust bend and dip cold to set.

What's the hobby angle?
Used to straighten bent parts of your models.

What materials do I need?
A container of very hot water, a container with ice water and HOBBY THUMBS!! Oh yeah, been waiting to work that in.

Any key techniques?
Common sense

How long will it take me?
2 mins per model

Step 1 - Dip hot

I use a coffee maker (without coffee) to heat up my water.

Grab the model by a non-bent part or with tweezers. Dip it into the hot water and hold it there for 30 seconds. If, like in my case, the model is cast with a base and the bend is at the ankles, press the base flat against the bottom of the container and straighten your model as you do it.

Step 2 - Bend fix and dip cold

Do this part fast to avoid the model from cooling back into the wrong shape. Carefully pull it from the hot water and handle it. Bend it into the desired correct shape, hold for a bit and dip into the ice water.

Check to make sure it worked and leave it in there as you finish the rest of the batch. That's it!

Keep 'em thumbs clean...

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