Saturday, December 14, 2013

Conversion: Grey Knights Terminators-Paladins

14 Dec 2013
It should be pretty obvious to see what I did here. The day I saw the Dark Angels Deathwing Command multi-part kit I decided that these were the best paladin torsos in the line. I took all the steps and accumulated all the bits only to keep them in storage for most of the year. When I finally got around to building and magnetizing I hit a speedbump that added days to my kitbash. Due to the long tabard on the DA Knights, the terminator waistguards on the accompanying legs are sculpted out and almost opposite each other on the hip. Most plastic termie kit waist guards are substantially closer to the belt buckle. In practical terms this meant the awesome cloth torsos didn't fit my GK termie/paladin legs. I had 9 target paladins to make since my 10 was a Justicar Thawn optional that could as easily be a terminator captain, a paladin or Thawn, without switching bodies...

The solution was to track down the original 5 DA Knights legs I had already given to a friend. They have some DA iconography, but DA symbols are not that far removed from GKs. I glued these in place and did the same with 5 GK legs/torsos. All arms are magnetized.

Now I only had to worry about 4 interchangeable terminator-paladins. Magnetized the bodies and tried matching the DA torsos to the GK legs as best as possible. Because of what I mentioned before, these bodies dance a little above the legs. While it is not a perfect fit I was able to cover up some of that gap space with brown stuff epoxy, sanded with a Dremel. They end up a little taller than their buddies, but with the arms on you barely notice.

Most excited to paint these guys since I think they will definitely add heaviness to the paladin feel. Was never a big fan of the GK terminator-to-paladin upgrade...yeah, you know that dumb back decoration that supposedly conveys the intention. Well, this is a paladin! And the ten have no less than 40-50 magnetized hand and weapon options.

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