Saturday, December 14, 2013

Conversion: Grey Knights Brotherhood Champion

01 Dec 13
This GK Brotherhood Champion conversion is clearly sourced from a pewter Coteaz body I had laying around. I used lots of random pieces and a bit of brown stuff. Since his codex profile is fixed I did not use any magnets on the build.

The custom spartan helm matches the one I put on my Castellan Crowe model (still in progress). I like how the bulky Coteaz armour has a gladiatorial feel to it, which matches the champion idea well. Some parts should probably be pinned, but I don't have the bits or wire for fine pinning. Paperclips won't work in this instance so a bit of good ol' fashion hope and superglue.

The pose and extra bits are, again, a bit of happy harmony.
  • the sword is Blood Angels
  • the sheath is a Black Templar bit, I believe, with the sword hilt chopped off
  • the storm bolter is a Grey Knights bit cut off a troop arm and drilled concave to fit on the wrist (you can't see it here, but the bolter clasps are full brown stuff)
  • the arm is a generic marine bolter support arm with a cupped hand that looks natural here  

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