Saturday, December 14, 2013

Conversion: Kaldor Draigo, Grey Knights Supreme Grandmaster

14 Dec 2013
Primed, washed and ready for the paint table. Incidentally it is the same table I do everything else on. Don't know why I felt the need to specify. Getting a bit delirious after so many posts...alright, Draigo!

Class picture with the current state of the model. Draigo is second from the right.

01 Dec 2013
Did a quick piece by piece rebuild of the belt with bits and brown stuff. Looks ok for something that's improvised. Bottom of the cape has magnet for easy painting and base switching. I'm really happy with the overall result. Looks large and mean.

fudged the original sword so this is joined with glue and a prayer. yes, I know it's crooked. that's what a demon genocide does to plastic swords.

few cheats here, 1) watered down Liquid Green Stuff over the sanded cape for a smooth textile finish; 2) lion head hides the overhanging banner pole

30 Nov 2013
A year ago I stumbled across an extra FW Moloc (Minotaurs) mini in somebody's bit box. I bought it with every intention of somehow using it to create my Draigo model. The goal was to continue a small detail across my army with Moloc's spartan brush head. All of my Grey Knight troop "captains" have third party brush heads.

Instead of just using Draigo arms on the Moloc body I decided the official Draigo model has too much GK detail in the legs. I could not risk losing it and I got brave enough to gut the poor bastards. I am by no means a sculptor, but hopefully after the epoxy dries a thorough Dremeling will smooth out the cape and armor abs.

I will then rebuild the belt details and magnetize everything. Also planning on doing a magnetized two-stage base so the massive scenery platform can be removed during gameplay.

this is a piece of sprue glued into a drilled hole...fancy
built up the brown stuff slowly using my finger and the smooth end of drill bits to blend and fold it in

I'm too sexeh for the Warp

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