Saturday, December 14, 2013

Salvage: Red Scorpions Captains

14 Dec 2013
I believe strongly in using "every part of the horse" so to speak. This (on the right) is a salvaged Sicarius alternate model I picked up with a lot. It had its claws cut off and was in pretty bad shape overall.

The new pictures show (on the left) a small initiative I'm pushing throughout this army: Apothecary-Captains. The RS fluff speaks to a zealous stewardship of the chapter's gene seed as a defense against corruption. The Red Scorpions have a unique tradition of Apothecary-Captains who lead men into battle and administer to their medical needs as well. Aside from this salvage I picked up two Heresy-era FW apothecaries which match the current army's armour mark.
To maintain consistency I may push this guy into the Deathwatch or Exorcists crew. More on that later.

The third captain will be an old servo-arm Techmarine just for random variety. He will play as a normal captain or a tech. I'm building a blitz armour force around the Scorpions so it seems fitting to have a tech lead at some point. That, and the servo-arm kinda looks like a banner/decoration. 

no idea where he got that tiny hat
17 Nov 2013
Phase 1 was the clean up and mods:
  • clipped claw stumps and filed them down
  • drilled into power fists and added magnets cuz I felt like it
  • quick (poor) green stuff work to cover magnets
  • Red Scorp FW brass added to chest and shoulder
  • FW head added as well
  • Salvaged eagle SM backpack
  • Ultramarine symbols removed when possible, but some kept as the upside-down omega is something found in RS heraldry

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