Saturday, December 14, 2013

Conversion: Justicar Thawn, Grey Knights Terminator (and resurrection enthusiast)

01 Dec 30
The Justicar Thawn custom model is part of a larger kitbash using the plastic Grey Knights Terminators and Dark Angels Deathwing Knights kits. The torso is different than my other GK termies to indicate his special nature; same for the weapon. While he is not exactly WYSIWYG due to the missing storm bolter, it was an executive decision on my part. I'll just say he has two single barrel bolters built under his wrists...hehehe.

the wings represent this character's penchant for resurrection...

...or Red Bull, he's probably sponsored by Red Bull

How to wing it...nevermind...Wing construction:
  1. I was gifted two salvaged pegasus wings. I knifed off some plastic at the joints to make sure the plastic glue had something clean to work with.
  2. Small piece of sprue drilled with a pilot hole and sheared at the ends to make sure they were flat/clean. Dremeled a proper hole and superglued a magnet in there. Same for the termie back. 
  3. Plastic glued wings onto sprue bit so I had more dry time to adjust and clip them properly. They aren't perfectly symmetrical, but few things are in nature so it's not a huge deal.
  4. Took a GK paladin back bit, filed it down and fitted it to the sprue piece before gluing.
  5. After a few minutes of wing drying time I plastic glued the paladin bit on. Fifteen minutes later, I fit tested the wings on Thawn. It worked!
  6. Finally, I applied lots of superglue around the joint, then with a freshly ripped piece of paper towel I dipped into the corners where the glue had built up. I always do this to avoid losing details when the superglue dries.

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